Mobile Defenders Supplier Integration (Wholesale Parts)

RepairQ offers integrated Purchase Orders through Mobile Defenders to help facilitate ordering inventory.

Integration Setup

Sign into your Mobile Defenders account

Navigate to the New Purchase Order Page.

Select Mobile Defenders as the Supplier. 

Mobile Defenders exists by default in your instance. You do not have to add this Supplier.

Click "Integrate with Mobile Defenders" in the resulting dialogue box to begin the integration process.

Review the integration instructions, and click "Next Step" to begin.

Fill out the form to create a Mobile Defenders account. If you already have a Mobile Defenders account, click "Skip this step" to jump to RepairQ Authorization.

Once you have a Mobile Defenders account, you need to authorize RepairQ to place Mobile Defenders orders. Clicking "Authorize RepairQ" will open a Mobile Defenders page to authorize RepairQ to build orders.


Processing a Purchase Order


Once integration is complete, the next step is to build the Purchase Order. When an item is added for the first time to a Mobile Defenders Purchase Order, it will need to be linked to the appropriate Mobile Defenders item.

Add items from the Low Stock/Backordered list, or search for items using the Quick Add field.

Click the button with the magnifying glass icon in the Supplier SKU field to search for the Mobile Defenders item.

When the appropriate item is found, click Confirm. This will permanently link the RepairQ item with the Mobile Defenders item for future purchase orders.

Notice the Supplier SKU field now shows the linked Mobile Defenders item.

Enter the quantity you wish to order in the Reorder Amount field.

When all items have been added to the Purchase Order, click the Order Items button, then wait for the shopping cart to be built on the Mobile Defenders website and returned for confirmation

The final step is choosing the payment method, either with an existing card or adding a new card.


Click Submit Order, then allow the system to process your order.

When the order goes through, the Purchase Order moves to Ordered status. The Vendor Order # field shows the Mobile Defenders order number. Any shipping costs are applied appropriately as well.

Like any Purchase Order, the items will need to be received,and the Purchase Order reconciled for the items to be added to inventory. This can be done in the PO edit page.

Enter the amount being received in the "Receiving" field for each item. Click the "Receive Items" button to progress the Purchase Order.

You can now view the balance of ordered versus received items, or navigate back to the edit page to receive more items or Reconcile the Purchase Order.

Once all items have been received, the Purchase Order can be Reconciled. This can be done in the PO Edit page by clicking the "Close" button.

NOTE: If the vendor shorted you any items you can close the PO to mark it as reconciled even if you have not actually "received" all of the items into inventory.  The shorted items will not be disregarded and the PO will be closed out, showing a variance between ordered value and received value.  This means you can always go back into the PO later and see that you ordered 5 but only received 4 items into inventory.  Alternatively you can receive the shorted items into inventory and then adjust them out of inventory into void (to get the out of inventory with no strings attached) or RMA sent (i.e. if you want to track that you are waiting for a refund for the shorted items since you did pre-pay after all).

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