Mobile Defenders Supplier Integration (Wholesale Parts)

RepairQ offers integrated Purchase Orders through Mobile Defenders to help facilitate ordering inventory.

Integration Setup

  1. Enable the integration.

    • Once logged into your RepairQ, hover over the Settings tab at the top of the page and click Location Settings.

    • Click on Integrations.

    • Click on the Mobile Defenders button.

  2. Fill in all of the information for Mobile Defenders that you want to have record of, just like you would any other new supplier. We recommend adding "Integrated" to the end of the supplier's name, so you can keep it separate. Then click Save.

  3. Ensure popups are allowed in your browser for "".

Purchasing from Mobile Defenders in RepairQ

  1. Create a new Purchase Order.


  2. Select your newly created integrated supplier, Mobile Defenders.


  3. Add items to the Purchase Order.
    • Add items from the Reorder Required list
    • Copy items from a previous PO
    • Search to add an item

First time ordering: Match your items to Mobile Defenders SKUs

  1. The first time you order an item through the integration, you may need to link your catalog item to the Mobile Defenders SKU item you'd like to match it with. This is called linking and only needs to be performed once.


    • Type in the first item you wish you order. You will see a notification letting you know you will need to search for a matching item for each row highlighted below before placing your order.

    • Click on the magnifying glass icon in the Supplier SKU column for the item.


    • Search for the matching item in Mobile Defenders' catalog by typing in a few letters/numbers of the item's name.


    • Select the correct Mobile Defenders item that you want matched up with your catalog item.

    • Click "Confirm" to select the part.


    • You will need to do this for each part, but only the first time (unless you want to attach a different part to your catalog item in the future).

    • Each time you add an item to the PO, assuming it is linked properly, the cost will update to reflect the purchase price from Mobile Defenders. Customers with special pricing will see the pricing reflected in the Mobile Defenders shopping cart during checkout.


Advancing your Purchase Order & Checking out

  1. After the PO is ready to order, click Order Items.


  2. An order estimate will appear where you can review your items and the total. Once you are satisfied with the order, choose a Shipping Method, a Payment Method, and then click Submit Order.



NOTE: If the vendor shorted you any items you can close the PO to mark it as reconciled even if you have not actually "received" all of the items into inventory.  The shorted items will not be disregarded and the PO will be closed out, showing a variance between ordered value and received value.  This means you can always go back into the PO later and see that you ordered 5 but only received 4 items into inventory.  Alternatively you can receive the shorted items into inventory and then adjust them out of inventory into void (to get the out of inventory with no strings attached) or RMA sent (i.e. if you want to track that you are waiting for a refund for the shorted items since you did pre-pay after all).

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