Invoicing a Business on Behalf of a Customer

 This feature is available to users on Advanced and Professional plans.


Billing Agents are created and managed in the Billing Agents page.



For each Billing Agent, the Billing Agent manage page will show basic information, the number of customers and open tickets under that Billing Agent, total open ticket amount, and the last ticket date for that Billing Agent.


Under the Actions column, the Edit button will begin the process of editing the Billing Agent information.

The View button will provide more information about that Billing Agent.

The Deactivate button will deactivate the Billing Agent.


The Billing Agent View page provides more detailed information about the customers, tickets, and any credit transactions for that Billing Agent. Customers and tickets can be removed from the Billing Agent on this page by clicking the delete button.




The "Add Billing Agent" button will create a new Billing Agent.





Putting Customers Under a Billing Agent


1.Look up the customer

2. Click the Edit button for the appropriate customer.


 3. Set the appropriate Billing Agent for this customer, then Save the changes.



Each time that customer is attached to a ticket, the Billing Agent will be attached as well.

Alternatively, you can select a Billing Agent directly on the ticket. This is done after attaching a customer to a ticket.


Placing Tickets into Waiting For Payment

To add a ticket to an invoice, the ticket must be in Waiting for Payment status.

Quick Sale Ticket

A Quick Sale Ticket can be moved to Waiting for Payment once a customer has been attached to the ticket.


Repair Ticket

A Repair Ticket can be moved into Waiting for Payment status from Ready for Pickup status.



Note: Like any ticket, deposits or down payments can be made, or discounts can be applied. Any payments or discounts will be reflected when creating an invoice that includes the ticket.

Once some tickets are in Waiting for Payment status, an Invoice can be created. Check out this article that walks through working with invoices.


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