Twilio Integration

RepairQ now offers the ability to integrate with Twilio for international SMS support. 

1. Sign up for Twilio (be sure to pick a phone number that has SMS capabilities (check the SMS box before clicking Search to see a good list of compatible numbers).

2. When your Twilio account is set up, log in.

RepairQ needs three pieces of information from your Twilio account to integrate: your account SID, your account Auth Token, and your Twilio number. These can all be found on your Twilio login page.

Your account SID and Auth Token can be found by clicking on "Show API Credentials". Your Twilio number can be found by clicking on "Get your Twilio number".


3. Navigate to your RepairQ Settings and select "Integrations".



4. Select "Twilio" and fill in the appropriate information. Click "Save Twilio Settings".




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