Refunds: Exchanging Items on a Closed Ticket with a Partial Refund

There may be a scenario where a customer comes in for an exchange, and the new item they choose costs less than the original purchase item. This process will demonstrate how to perform the exchange on the original ticket and issue a refund for the difference back to the customer.

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1. Search for the closed ticket that you wish to process an exchange. Once are viewing the ticket, click the Return button on the ticket options section of the page.




2. In the Return Items section of the ticket, select the appropriate item(s) you wish to return. If the returned item is inventoried, place it back into the appropriate stock status. Add notes for the item and click Continue.



3. Add the new item(s) the customer will purchase. The Ticket Totals section will show any pending refund to the customer.



4. On the Transaction section of the ticket, click the Refund Button under the Actions column.



Note: Alternatively, you can click the Add Transaction button on the left side of the section for a similar process.


5. An Add Transaction pop-up will appear. Select the refund payment type and enter the refund amount as a positive value. Make sure the Refund in full checkbox is unchecked. Once you have entered the information and additional notes, click Submit Refund.



Note: A refund can be performed for Integrated Payments without the card being present, however, there is a limit of one refund per integrated card transaction.


6. Verify the transaction as posted to the ticket and that the payment has been issued back to the customer. Once the balance due is $0.00, you can Save the ticket to finalize the process.





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