Partial Refund: Refunding Items on a Closed Ticket without a return

This article covers how to refund items on a ticket without processing a return.

1. Create an item type called "Refund".  I set "can override price" so that I can enter the precise refund amount on each ticket.


2. Create a catalog item called "Refund (Closed Ticket)".  I set the default quantity to 1 so I don't have to remember to enter the quantity on the ticket.  If you skipped step 1, be sure to choose an item type that has the "can override price" set so that you can enter the precise refund amount on each ticket.

3. Search for the closed ticket that you wish to partially refund, and click on the return icon.

4. Don't bother with the returned items section because you are not returning an item in this scenario.  Instead, skip ahead and add the Refund (Closed Ticket) to the ticket.  Enter the desired refund amount, such as -20.00.  Verify the quantity, or enter 1 as the quantity if unsure.

5. Observe that the total due on the ticket is now -$20.00, meaning you owe the customer $20.00.

6. When issuing a partial refund, you have the option to refund the original transaction by clicking "Refund" next to the original transaction or to initiate a new payout transaction by clicking on "Add Transaction Form".                                                                                                                                                   Note: A refund can be performed for reconciled integrated Bluefin card payment without the card being present; however, there is a limit of one refund per integrated card transaction.                                

7. Select the desired payment method and either click "Pay in full" or enter the payment amount.  Optionally add a note and click "Submit Payment".

8. Verify the transaction amount, ensure the ticket balance is $0.00, and finally, save the ticket.

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