RMA Process: Initiate an RMA

Occasionally an item will be found defective and can be sent back to the manufacturer or supplier for credit. 

To initiate the RMA Process, the appropriate inventory items will need to be set in the "Pending RMA" status. This is a transitional status, and when an item is set in this status, it will be restricted from being attached to a ticket.


To mark an item as Pending RMA on a ticket, click the Damaged/Defective Item button. On the resulting window, change the supplier if necessary, add a note if necessary. Marking the part as defective will place the item in Pending RMA status. Marking a part as Damaged will place the item in Damaged status, meaning the part was damaged in-house. Check out this article about Inventory Statuses for more detail on what each Inventory Status does.



 The item will remain on the ticket, but will not affect the end price.

On the ticket view page, the Pending RMA Items section will list any defective items on the ticket.

Click the View button to go to the Item page to view the item change log or edit the item.

Select item(s) and click Print Labels to print inventory labels for these items.


The ticket history will report who marked the item as Pending RMA.


Closed Ticket

In the return process, a returned item can be placed directly into Pending RMA status.

Alternatively, an item can be placed in Pending RMA on its refurbishment ticket.


Purchase Order

When an item is received from a Purchase Order and should immediately be moved to Pending RMA, that can easily be accomplished when receiving the PO items.

Receive the items as normal, but change the status these items to Pending RMA. After each item has been received appropriately, reconcile the PO.



A Manager or Inventory Manager can change the status of an item to Pending RMA directly in the inventory. 

Find the appropriate item, and click "Edit" under the Actions field.




Change the status of the item to Pending RMA, and save the changes. 


Multiple items can be initiated using the "Edit Selected" button. Select the checkbox for each of the defective items, and edit the status to Pending RMA.





For more on the next step in the RMA Tracking and Processing workflow, check RMA Process: Sending RMA Items to Supplier.

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