RMA Process: Sending RMA Items to Supplier

Once an item is marked as Pending RMA the next step is to send them to the supplier for approval. The "RMA Sent" inventory status signifies that a part has been sent back to the supplier, but the RMA has not yet been accepted (RMA Credit) or rejected (Damaged).

Use the RMA Tracking page to:

  1. Track Pending RMA items
  2. Group items into batches (or shipments) to send to the supplier, and advance the inventory items to "RMA Sent"
  3. Reconcile batches of sent RMA items as either Accepted (RMA Credit), Accepted (Replacement items received), or Rejected (Damaged). 



 Make sure to scope your search to Pending RMA status.

Use the filters at the top of the list to filter for a specific supplier, Bin# location, store location, or search for keywords for item name, SKU, or UPC.

Use the View dropdown to change the number of results that appear per page.

When the item list is configured appropriately, select items to change to "RMA Sent" and then click the "Edit Selected" button on the top right to "Send Selected."


The following window will show the item count for each supplier for all of the items selected. Here you can review before creating the batches. One batch will be created for each supplier on the list. If you see a batch that you do not wish to create at this time, simply click the remove button to cancel it.  If you wish to print a packaging slip for a batch upon creation, click the "Print" checkbox before clicking the "Create New RMA Batches" button. This is not your only chance to print a packaging page; the packaging slip can be printed at any time from the batch view.


Once an RMA Batch is created, the inventory items in that batch are placed in the RMA Sent status, and you will be redirected to the RMA Batch index where you can view individual batches, print packing slips, or begin RMA reconciliation.

For more on the next step in the  RMA Tracking and Processing workflow, check Reconcile an RMA.

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