Inventory Usage Reports

Inventory Usage Reports show counts and combined item cost and price for items that have reached one of the consumed inventory statuses. Inventory Usage Reports can be found in the "Reports" section of the navbar and under the "Inventory" report dropdown.


The Inventory Usage Summary Report shows item counts and data for items summed for each Item Type. The Inventory Usage Detail Report shows item counts and data summed for each Catalog Item.

Each consumed inventory status is listed at the top of the report. Select the status to report on by clicking on the tab. 

Note that the date filters will filter items based on the date that item was moved into the consumed inventory status. If an inventory item is attached to a ticket, then the effective ticket date (the date the ticket status was last updated) will be used for the date filter so that you can match the inventory usage reports up with the other sales and accounting reports in RepairQ.

Use the Location filter to look at the report for a specific store, or select multiple stores for aggregate counts.

Use the Supplier filter to look at the report for items from a specific supplier. By default, the report pulls data for all suppliers.

The Detail Report also has Item Type and Catalog Item filters. Use these filters to filter the report for specific Item Types or Catalog Item searches.

Click the View Details button in the Detail Report to see the actual inventory items ffor that Catalog Item.



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