RMA Process: Reconcile an RMA

Once an item has been marked as RMA sent, the final step in the RMA process is to reconcile the item. 

Use the RMA Tracking page to reconcile RMA batches.



Click on the "RMA Sent" tab to see all of the returns awaiting reconciliation. Use the page filters on the left to narrow the list down to the supplier you received an RMA response from, or if you are able to coordinate with your supplier using your batch number you can filter for the batch you received a response for.


When you have the RMA Sent list filtered down to the items you wish to reconcile, select the item checkbox(es) you are ready to reconcile, and click the Reconcile Selected button.

Next, you will be presented with a window where you must choose how these items should be reconciled. Either the RMA was accepted or rejected, and in some rare cases you may receive replacements from a supplier, or the items may have been lost somewhere in the process. Select the appropriate status to move the item(s) to based on the resolution of the RMA, and if you wish you can attach notes to the inventory items at this time.

Check out this article for more detail on what each inventory status does.

You can also initiate the reconciliation process from the RMA Tracking Batches list. Click on the View Batches button to be taken to the Batches page.


Next, click the View Batch Items to be taken to the Batch Detail page. 

The next page page will list all of the items in the RMA Batch. From here you can initiate reconciliation and add notes to the batch. 


When you click the "Reconcile Sent Items" button you will be redirected to the RMA Sent page with the items filtered for the RMA Batch number you were just viewing. From here, the items can be reconciled following the workflow seen above.


For more on RMA Reports, check out this article.

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