Customer Segments

Customer Segments are intended to be customer types/categories that individual customers can be categorized under. 

Create new Customer Segments or edit existing ones by going to Company Settings-->Customers-->Segments. 



Click the "Add Customer Segment" button to create a new Customer Segment.Screen_Shot_2018-04-23_at_11.10.05_AM.png


Name: The name of the Customer Segment.

Description: A short description of what qualifies a customer to be placed under this segment.

Priority: Controls the order in which a Customer Segment will appear on the list of Segments. For example, an option with a priority of 5 will appear higher on the list than an option with a priority of 7.

Click the "Edit" button to edit a Customer Segment.

Unused Customer Segments can be deleted with the "Delete" button.


To place a customer under a specific Segment, choose the appropriate Segment using the dropdown list in the customer information form.


Tip: You can make the Customer Segment a required field using customer validation settings.

You can periodically run Sales by Customer Segment reports that will show sales data for each Customer Segment.



The Summary by Customer Segment will show sales data for each Customer Segment. The Detail by Customer Segment will show sales data for each Customer Segment, further sorted by each Customer under the respective segment.



We strongly recommend you account for sales based on closed tickets only, because once a ticket is closed the date will no longer change, and you know the ticket has been paid in full. We went so far as to make those the default filters for the reports, because we feel it is the most reliable method in this business model.



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