Accounting Period Best Practices

In RepairQ there are a number of reports designed to extract the figures you need to post to an accounting system. These reports are organized under the "Accounting" section on the reports page.

Tip: Any of these reports can be exported using the "To Excel" button near the top right of the report.

Summary Report

The Accounting Summary Report is the best place to look for most of figures you would post to your accounting system. This report was designed with the help of several accountants in the industry to make their lives easier when getting data from RepairQ.

For some recommendations on where to post these figures to a chart of accounts, see RepairQ Accounting Principles


The Tickets Unpaid and Pending Revenue reports can be used to track down pending revenue and receivables.


The Cost of Goods Sold and other revenue-based reports can be used to extract detailed data for revenue and COGS.


Inventory Assets and Usage

Use the Inventory Valuation Reports to get a snapshot of your current inventory value, inventory movements, etc. The Inventory Usage Reports are designed to give you insight into inventory that has been consumed out of inventory (no longer in your possession), whether it left inventory through sale, shrinkage, RMA, etc.



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