Sandbox Instances

What is a Sandbox instance?

It's an Advanced, Professional and “Legacy Enterprise” plans Add-On that creates a clone of your existing RepairQ system, served on a separate domain.  

Why is it useful?

There are two major benefits of a Sandbox instance:

   1. A Sandbox instance is the best way to train new staff. Since it is a replica of your existing system, new hires can be taught procedures and processes. They can get hands-on experience by creating dummy tickets, inventory, POs, etc. without affecting your real business data.

   2. We publish new version releases to Sandbox instances several weeks or more before we publish the release to your live system. You can try out new features and start developing a plan for fitting them into your existing procedures and processes before the release is published on your live system.

To start the process of adding a Sandbox instance, email support or call 877-230-6317

Note: The sandbox is only an exact replica of your existing RepairQ on the day it's created. After that time, any changes in your existing RepairQ (live database) won't affect your sandbox and any changes in your sandbox won't affect your live database. If you have a special request to replicate your live database into your sandbox again in the future, please contact Support at the email or number listed above.

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