Reports: Inventory Orders

The Inventory Orders Report is designed to show you all of the ordered items that you still expect to receive on purchase orders. This report shows purchase order Items that have not been received or rejected in full. This report is intended to help those in charge of purchasing make informed decisions about new purchasing based on what stock is already on order, and when it is expected to arrive.

Note: This report excludes purchase orders in Reconciled status.

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Viewing the Inventory Orders Report

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Reports.



2. On the Reports page, click on the Inventory dropdown along the top row of report categories. From the available list, click Inventory Orders.



Inventory Orders

The Inventory Orders report will show a summarized breakdown of items with purchase order links and details, ordered dates, and received quantities. The Expecting column shows the number of items that need to be received before the purchase order can be reconciled.



Note: If you were shorted any items and do not expect them to be sent for this purchase order, see our Knowledge Base article Purchase Orders in RepairQ for suggestions on how to resolve this.


You can use the available filters on the left columns to scope results based on the assigned parameters.



  • Keyword Search - Search by item name, search key, SKU, UPC, serial number, etc.
  • Location - Select a specific location or run an aggregate report for multiple stores.
  • Item Type - Search for a specific item type or multiple types.


If you add additional filters, be sure to click Apply Filters on the bottom-left of the screen to run the report again with the new parameters.



Click To Excel at the bottom of the report to export an Excel-friendly document. The export will include any filtered data when running the report.






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