Return repair (rework) for a different repair service

This article covers what to do when you need to perform a return repair for a customer for something other than the original repair service. This is a common scenario when the repair tech breaks something else in the device in the process of performing the repair, and it is not recognized until the customer discovers a new problem with their device.

1. Lookup the original repair ticket

2. Click the Return Repair button. This will start a new Repair ticket with the customer and repair device(s) already attached.

3. Enter new diagnostic notes for the repair device(s) explaining the presenting problem(s) with the device

   4. Scan / Lookup the new repair service you need to perform on the device, and add the item to the ticket.

5. Depending on the scenario and your company policy, you may or may not charge something for this return repair. Select one of the following policies to determine what to do in this step:

6. Save the ticket into the appropriate status.




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