Reports: Waived Charges

The Waived Charge Reports show all of the items where charges have been waived. Items placed on a Return Repair have waived charges by default, and any items sold on any ticket can be waived by a manager. The purpose of this report is to give you insight into which sales are forfeited due to a repair return, rework, or any other scenario that provides a service or item free of charge.


Viewing the Waived Charges Summary Report

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Reports.



2. On the Reports page, click on the Returns & Adjustments dropdown along the top row of report categories. From the available list, click Waived Charges Summary.



Note: You can view a detailed report of waived charges by selecting Waived Charges Details.


3. Use the available filters to scope results based on the assigned parameters. Once you have set your filters, click Apply Filters to run the report.



  • Date Range - Select a date range for your scope of results.
  • Ticket Status - Select a specific ticket status or all ticket statuses for your results. The results will reflect the date when the ticket was updated.
  • Location - Select a specific location or an aggregate report of all locations.
  • Item Type - Select a specific item type or all item types.
  • Catalog Item - Keyword search for a specific catalog item.


Note: You can click Hide/Show Filters on the upper-right side of the page to collapse/expand the filters when viewing reports. You can also toggle between the summary and detail report from this section.



4. (Optional) Click To Excel on the upper-right side of the report page to export an Excel-friendly document. The export will include any filtered data when running the report.



Waived Charges Summary

The Waived Charges Summary Report gives a broad summary of the item type, catalog item, SKU, quantity, and the sum of waived amounts. Totals for all listed items are at the bottom of the report.



Waived Charges Detail

The Waived Charges Detail Report provides a list of each waived item, including a link to view the ticket, waived amounts, and any notes from the item on the ticket.






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