Return repair (rework) for the same repair service

A common scenario for return repairs (reworks) is where you need to perform the same repair service again because there was a problem with the original repair.

1. Lookup the original repair ticket

2. Click the Return Repair button. This will start a new Repair ticket with the customer and repair device(s) already attached.

3. Enter new diagnostic notes for the repair device(s) explaining the presenting problem(s) with the device

   4. Select the service you need to replace in the return repair. This will add a replacement item to the ticket.

4a. If any parts need to be replaced along with the service, select the part(s) you need to replace from the replacement items list. You will be prompted to choose why the item needs to be replaced; select "Defective" or "Damaged."

5. By default, replacement items are added with the charge waived (free), but if you have a different coverage policy, please see one the following articles:

6. Save the ticket into the appropriate status.

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