Return repair (rework) policy: free of charge

This article addresses how to handle items on a Return Repair (rework) ticket that you wish to waive the charge for (i.e. set the price to zero).

There are a number of Return Repair (rework) scenarios that could occur, and we have a detailed walkthrough for the most common ways that return repairs (reworks) are handled.

1. Choose one of the following scenarios:

2. You can add an item to a Return Repair ticket free of charge in one of two ways: Adding a replacement item, or adding a new item, and waiving the charge.

Adding a Replacement Item

Select the item(s) from the "Replacement Items" list on a new Return Repair ticket by clicking on the "Replace Item" button for the item(s).

Adding a new item, and waiving the charge

Add a new item to the ticket using the ticket one of the scan / search / lookup methods. After the item is added to the ticket, a Shift Lead or Manager can click the "Waive Charge" button to set the price to zero.

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