Return repair (rework) with a deductible

This article addresses how to handle items on a Return Repair (rework) ticket that you wish to waive the charge for (i.e. set the price to zero).

Performing a return repair with a deductible requires some additional setup to perform. Namely, you will need to add a new item to you catalog that represents the deductible charge.

1. Setup the catalog item

1a. OPTIONAL: You may choose to create a new Item Type to associate with the Catalog Item, if you don't already have an Item Type that would suit this purpose.

1b. Create the catalog item for the deductible. Set the price to the amount you wish to charge for the deductible


There are a number of Return Repair (rework) scenarios that could occur, and we have a detailed walkthrough for the most common ways that return repairs (reworks) are started.

2. Choose one of the following scenarios:

3. Add an item to a Return Repair ticket free of charge in one of two ways: Adding a replacement item, or adding a new item, and waiving the charge.

Adding a Replacement Item

Select the item(s) from the "Replacement Items" list on a new Return Repair ticket by clicking on the "Replace Item" button for the item(s).

Adding a new item, and waiving the charge

Add a new item to the ticket using the ticket one of the scan / search / lookup methods. After the item is added to the ticket, a Shift Lead or Manager can click the "Waive Charge" button to set the price to zero.


4. Add a your deductible charge to the ticket using the ticket one of the scan / search / lookup methods.

5. OPTIONAL: Process any payments for the customer now, and save the ticket into the appropriate status.

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