How to: Provide a quote to a customer

There are a couple of ways to provide a customer with a price quote.

1. Price Check

Price checks are the quickest and easiest way to provide a quote to a customer.

   Non-Inventoried Items

Searching for an non-inventoried item, such as a service, will provide its price, as well as a price+tax total.


   Inventoried Items

Searching for an inventoried item will provide price and price+tax totals, and will also offer a snapshot of current instock levels for the results. Use the "Location" filter to quickly assess if another location will be better able to provide what the customer is looking for.


2. Create an Example Ticket

For a more thorough quote, make an Quick Sale ticket, and add the appropriate item(s). 

Once the ticket is built and the price is quoted,click any of the links in the top navigation. This will not save the ticket, or change the items added, in any way.

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