Warranty Life Claims Process

This article walks through setup, processing and reconciling Warranty Life claims, as well as details on using reports to monitor claims.


1. When the Warranty Life integration is enabled, two new Item Types and several new Catalog Items are automatically added to your system. These items are used to process a Warranty Life claim through RepairQ, including customer deductibles.



2.  Print a SKU sheet with barcodes for "Warranty Life Claim Repairs" items for easy processing.




3. For reconciling claims using Enterprise Invoicing, a Warranty Life Billing Agent is automatically added when the integration is enabled to track receivables from Warranty Life.



4. A Warranty Life claims provider is also automatically added when the integration is enabled. This is used to track the status of the claim.


Processing a Claim

1. Create a Repair Ticket.  Look up the customer, then choose the Warranty Life Billing Agent and claim provider.


2. Select the warrantied device in the Repair Devices section and add the initial diagnostics.




3. Add the "WL Claim: Deductible" item to the ticket and take payment for the deductible from the customer.





4. When the necessary repairs are complete, add the appropriate item(s) to the ticket. Bundle the necessary part(s) to the service items.




5. Advance the repair ticket through the repair workflow until it reaches the Ready for Pickup status. When the claim is authorized by Warranty Life, reconcile the claim and place the ticket in Waiting for Payment status.




Reconciling a Claim- Manual Transaction

 1. When payment is received from Warranty Life, look up each of the appropriate tickets and add the necessary payment to zero out the remaining balance. Close the ticket.


Reconciling a Claim - Enterprise Invoicing

1. On some periodic basis (e.g. weekly), use the Enterprise Invoicing Module to generate an invoice for all tickets in the "Waiting for Payment” status for the Warranty Life Billing Agent.



2. When payment is received, add a remittance to the invoice using the appropriate payment method so it is paid in full.



1. The Sales Summary by Item Report, when filtered by Item Type of Warranty Life Claim Repairs, shows an itemized breakdown of all warranty repairs.



2. The Sales Details by Device Report, when searching for Warranty Life Claim Repairs, shows an itemized breakdown of all warranty repairs associated with each repair device.



3. The Productivity Repairs by Device Report shows an itemized breakdown of all warranty repairs associated with each repair device.

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