Integrated Warranty Sales- Setup

The Warranty Life Integration allows stores to sell warranty coverage for smart phones, tablets, and other high-value tech devices. With the integration, RepairQ presents warranty offers to the sales rep for each device repaired and/or each device sold on a ticket, and the sales rep working with the ticket can sell warranty coverage with the click of a button.


Enabling / Disabling the Integration

Enable the Warranty Life Integration on the Integrations section of the Settings page. 



Select the "Warranty Life" button. 



Enter the API Key and API Secret provided by Warranty Life, check "Enable Integration," choose your repair and merchandise strategies, and save your settings.


Enabling Warranty Coverage for an Item

Before a repair device or merchandise item can be warrantied, the catalog item needs to be registered with Warranty Life. Items that are warrantable are catalog items configured as: “inventoried” and “serialized” or "repairable."

There are a few ways to sync the warrantable items in your catalog:

  • Each night, RepairQ will automatically sync all of the warrantable items in your catalog when you have the integration enabled.

  • Click the “Sync Products with Warranty Life” button on the app settings page. This can take several minutes.

If an item in your catalog has not been synced, then when RepairQ normally fetches and presents warranty offers, instead you will see the following alert.


If you have questions about qualifying warrantable items, contact your Warranty Life representative.



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