How to: Print a SKU Sheet

This article walks through the process of printing a sheet of SKUs to use in many scenarios, such as facilitating customer checkout and quickly processing inventory counts.

The SKU Labels page is found on the Catalog Item page. Near the top left of the page, click the "Print SKUs" button.



The Page Settings section controls some basic configuration for the SKU sheet.

Page Title: Can be used to give the SKU sheet a title.

Columns/Rows: Controls the number of rows and columns per page. By default, the SKU sheet will print in two columns.

Page Numbers: Toggles the option to include the page number on the SKU sheet.

The Display section is used to control what information is printed for each item on the SKU sheet. Check the option to display that information for each item.

The Filter By section is used to filter what items the SKU sheet displays. Click "Apply Filter" to create the SKU sheet.

The SKU sheet preview will display below the form. Click "Print" to print the SKU sheet.

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