RepairQ Subscription Management: Changing Your Subscription

Managing your Subscription

RepairQ Account Management tools allow Admins to view their existing Plan Details, make changes to their Location and User counts, as well as change their Subscription within the application. 

If you have plan restrictions and need assistance with changing your plan or have additional questions about your subscription, please contact RepairQ Support.

Note:  Warehouse Locations and Sandbox Instances cannot be configured by the user. Please contact RepairQ Support for assistance with configuring these environments.

Additional Resources

If you need to reduce your Location and/or User count, you will need to deactivate the Locations and/or Users within RepairQ before updating your account to reflect these changes.


Viewing and Updating Your Subscription

1. On the RepairQ Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, click RepairQ Account.



3. On the Account Overview page, you will see your plan details. There is an itemized breakdown of your current plan as well as any additional Locations, Users, Business Analysts, Warehouses, and Sandboxes currently active on your account.



4. The Summary section of your Plan Details shows your total billed amount per month and the Subscription cycle date. It also shows your active Location and User count and how many additional spots you have available for use.



5. Click Update Plan to update your existing plan or change plans.



6. You will see a new window with our current plans and pricing. At the top of the page, you can toggle between Monthly or Annual pricing. You will also see a list of features available for each plan.

Click Keep Current Plan to stay on your existing plan and make changes to your location and/or user quantity. You can also select a new plan if you would like to upgrade.



Note: If you are on one of our Legacy Plans, you will see your plan listed in the far left column. Be sure to click Keep My Plan to continue with your existing plan. Upgrading from your Legacy plan to a current plan is non-reversible. If you have made this change in error, you will need to contact RepairQ Support to revert to your previous plan.


7. On the Update Plan screen, use the arrows on the Quantity field to increase your Users and/or Locations. As you make adjustments, your summary will reflect these changes.





Note: You cannot update your account if there is a negative number of Users/Locations. If you need assistance reducing these accounts see Decreasing your Location and User Count.


8. Click Yes, Update My Account to finalize your changes. You should receive a notification from our billing system that you have been charged for the changes.



9. After updating your account, you are ready to add your new location or add new users.






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    Mahmoud Mohamed

    How can I update the payment method used to pay for the subscription?

  • 0
    Renee Stelle

    Mahmoud, you will need to contact RepairQ Support to assist with updating the payment method used to pay for your subscription. You can call us or create a Support Request. We can send you a link to update your billing information online. I do see that your payment method was updated today, so it looks like you've already contacted us.

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