Managing RepairQ Subscription & Billing

Available with version 1.8.0+ and only for those with only one billing account for their RepairQ URL.

Navigate to the Company Settings page.


Navigate to the RepairQ Account page under the Account drop-down.



Your current plan will be shown along with any additional locations or users you're paying for.


The Summary section will show you the total bill per month as well as the bill date.  It will also show your active locations and users vs what you have available.

Click Update Plan to update your existing plan, or switch to another.


The available plans will be shown, as well as a toggle to switch between monthly or yearly billing.

To continue, select the plan you wish to proceed with.



After you select the plan, you will be able to change the quantity.  If you are wanting to decrease the location or user count, you will first need to make sure that the locations or users are set to inactive.



Once you have updated the quantities, the summary box will show you how many you will have available.



Once you are satisfied with the changes, click Update My Account to save them.



Warehouse Locations and Sandbox Instances cannot be configured directly. Please contact RepairQ Support for assistance configuring Warehouse Locations or Sandbox Instances.

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    Mahmoud Mohamed

    How can I update the payment method used to pay for the subscription?

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    Renee Stelle

    Mahmoud, you will need to contact RepairQ Support to assist with updating the payment method used to pay for your subscription. You can call us or if you send an email to we can send you a link to update your billing information online. I do see that your payment method was updated today, so it looks like you've already contacted us.

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