How To: Process a Return

This article outlines the process of returning an item for a customer. If you are performing a return repair, see How To: Process a Return Repair Ticket.


1. Look up the ticket for the customer. You can use the search tool below the Navigation Bar to search by ticket number or select the Contacts button to search by customer information. Alternatively, you can also filter your ticket queue for results.



2. Once you are viewing the ticket, click the Return button on the Actions Bar of the ticket.Screenshot_2022-05-04_160057.png


3. On the pop-up screen, you will see a summary of the ticket, including a link to any warranty/disclaimers for the customer. Click "Start a Return" to initiate the return process. (If you are performing a Return Repair, click here for more information.)



4. Under the "Returned Items" section of the ticket, Select the item being returned by clicking the checkbox next to the item.



5. A new, "Initial Diagnostics" section will expand under the returned item. A note is required, so we recommend adding a reason for returning the item.



6. By default, the full unit cost will be refunded. If you are refunding only a portion of the price of the item, you can set a new refund price of the item in the "Unit Cost" field.Screenshot_2022-05-04_162651.png


Note: If the Unit Cost of a refund item is set to a value greater than the original sale price of the item, the refund price will reset to the original sale price of the item.


7. If the item being returned is inventoried, some additional options will be shown.

  • Set the inventory status for the item returning to inventory. There are different Inventory Status options, based on which status you want the returned item to be in.

  • Restock
    • Restock Immediately (Instock)
    • Initiate Restock (Pending Restock)
  • Refurbishment - If the item is placed in Pending Refurb or Pending Restock an open refurb ticket will be automatically created for the item. Learn more about managing refurbishments.
    • Pending Refurb
    • Parts Only
  • Defective/Damaged
    • Defective (Pending RMA)
    • Damaged (Damaged)
  • Other
    • Overstock (Pending RMA)
    • Received for Refurb
    • RMA Rejected
  • Void
    • Void


  • Set the condition of the item.


8. Once all of the items being returned have been selected, click the "Continue" button on the lower right of the "Returned Items" section to add these return items to the ticket.


If you need to make changes or add additional items to refund, click the "Update" button.


Once you have added items for return, the Ticket Totals section on the right side of the screen will show a negative balance, reflecting the amount due back to the customer.



9. If the customer would like to purchase additional items with the return credit, you can add the items in the "Ticket Items" section.Screenshot_2022-05-05_173212.png


10. When issuing a refund, you have the option to refund the original transaction by clicking the yellow Refund icon next to the original transaction. This refund will reference the original transaction line in the "Status" column of the refund.

Alternatively, you can also initiate a new payout transaction by clicking the "Add Transaction" button.


 Note: A refund can be performed for reconciled integrated Bluefin card payment without the card being present; however, there is a limit of one refund per integrated card transaction.


11. Select the desired payment type for the refund. The payment types available will reflect which payment types are accepted for the VCT at the time of opening. If you are performing a partial refund of a larger purchase, enter the refund amount. Click "Refund in full" if you are refunding the full amount originally paid. Add a note (optional) and click "Submit Refund".



12. The refund will now show in the "Transactions" section of the ticket. If you need to make changes, you can cancel the pending refund by clicking the red "X" icon next to the refund line.



13. Verify the transaction amount. When the ticket balance is $0.00, you can save the ticket and complete the return.



Note: You can perform returns on a ticket multiple times. Initiate a return on the ticket and click the "Update" button in the "Returned Items" section. Once all of the items have been returned, the ticket will be locked for editing. When viewing a ticket, returned items are listed under the "Returned Items" section of the ticket page. 




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