How To: Import Staff

Note: this article covers features only available in RepairQ 1.8 or greater

You can add new staff members or update existing staff members in RepairQ with an import file. Import file formats accepted are .xlsx (Excel), .csv (comma separated values) and .txt (tab separated values). For the best experience we recommend using .xlsx files.

To get started, navigate to your Staff list page from the navbar.



Scroll to the bottom of your staff list to the import section. Click the "Download Import Template" button to download an Excel file with your staff list, make and save your changes on the document and re-import.



The template file will include all of the staff members filtered into the current view along with all of the columns available for import. The list of importable fields will change over time as RepairQ evolves. The list is currently as follows:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Method
  • Email
  • Primary Phone
  • Alternate Phone
  • SMS Phone
  • SMS Carrier
  • Username
  • Active (1 or Y for active, all other values are treated as deactivated/terminated)
  • Hourly Pay Rate
  • Discount Limit Type (amount or percentage)
  • Discount Limit
  • Timesheet Required
  • IPs
  • Role Type
  • Location Roles

Import Rules

Columns are matched on the header name, so you must have the correct header names (as provided in the template) to successfully import the column values. The order of the columns does not matter. Any unrecognized column headers will be ignored. Only the values you wish to add or update need to be present in the import file.

Updating Existing Staff Records

If a record in your import file matches a record in RepairQ, the existing record will be updated with the data from your spreadsheet. Matches are made on the following fields, in this order:

  1. Username
  2. Email

Adding New Staff Records

If no matches are found for a record in your import file, RepairQ will create a new staff record from the import row. The following fields are required to create a new staff record in RepairQ:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Username

To set the password for new staff created with an import, simply have your staff member use the password reset feature. Alternatively, a manager or an admin can reset their password manually by editing their staff record.

Import Feedback

When you are ready to upload your import, select your file in the import input and click the "Import" button. RepairQ will process your import file and when finished you will be redirected to an import feedback page. This page will inform you of the success or failure of each row in your import file.

Once your staff members have been imported or updated, you will need to go into each profile and set the user roles however you wish to set them up. Check out this article to view what each role has access to.

Note: Some imports may take time to process. Please be patient and do not navigate away from the page.

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    Alicia Wiggin

    Will there be an update to allow imports to change location-based roles?

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