Integrated Payments Setup: Configuring a PAX S300 to Communicate with RepairQ

This article covers the configuration of the PAX S300 payment terminal device to work with RepairQ.

Configuring the Device

1. Press the menu button (or Func + 1) on the device. You will then be presented with this screen.

2. Enter your password (default password either the current date or tomorrow's date in MMDDYYYY format). You will be presented with a list of options.

3. Use the scroll buttons to move the page down. Here select "2. Communication".

4. Enter your password again.
5. Scroll down one time and select option 4. "ECR Comm. Type."
6. On the next screen select option 4 "Ethernet."
7. Confirm the port on the screen by clicking the green enter/return button on the device.

8. Select option 4. "HTTPS GET".

Your PAX device is now configured to talk with RepairQ. Now you will need to setup your PAX device in RepairQ.

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