Integrated Payments Setup: Installing the PAX Security Certificate - macOS

If you are utilizing Bluefin or Heartland for payment integration in RepairQ, you will need to download and install a Security Certificate on each computer that will communicate with a PAX device.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of downloading, installing, and testing the required certificate on a device running macOS.

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Downloading the PAX Security Certificate

Click this link to download the certificate. The file will be named "".



Installing the PAX Security Certificate

1. Open the Keychain Access app on your Mac.



2. On the left column of settings, look for the System Keychains section. Under this category, click System.



3. On the top menu, click File -> Import Items.



4. Find the file you downloaded, and select it for import.



5. After importing the file, double-click on the row with the name "". This will open up a window with the certificate details.



6. Click on the Trust dropdown arrow to display the options. Next to the "When using this certificate" field, select the Always Trust option and close the window to save the changes.



Testing the PAX Security Certificate

Now that you have installed and trusted the security certificate, your Mac can communicate securely with your PAX device.

In your web browser (we recommend Chrome browser), navigate to to verify that the browser is configured to trust the security certificate. You should not receive any security warnings, and there should be a small green lock in the URL bar if everything is configured properly.




start 1.19.1 MIG

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