How To: Transfer inventory to another location

There are a couple of methods to transfer inventory from one store to another.

Inventory Transfer

The recommended procedure is to use a inventory transfer.

RepairQ offers a way to track requests and shipments for transfers of inventory.

For a detailed walkthrough on Inventory Transfers, check out this article:

Direct Transfer

This process will move the item directly from one store to another. 

Navigate to the item in either the Inventory Summary or Inventory Detail.


Search for the item using Filters and Keywords. Click the 3 vertical dots on the far right side for the item you wish to transfer. 


Click on the magnifying glass icon to view all of the items in list view.


Use the checkboxes to select the items you'd like to transfer. Click on the checkbox button on the top right of the screen to access edit options.


Click on "Edit Selected".


Change the Attribute to "Location," indicate new location for items, and add any desired notes.

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