How to Install the PAX Device Security Certificate (Windows 8)

This article covers how to install security certificate from your PAX device onto your Windows machine.

This step needs to be performed on each computer that needs to communicate with any PAX payment terminal devices. 

Downloading the PAX Device Security Certificate

1. Click this link to download the certificate. The file will be named something like "".

2. This will prompt the Certificate Import Wizard.

3. Choose the certificate store the certificates will be kept in, or let Windows automatically select the appropriate certificate store.

4. Click "Install Certificate" to install the RepairQ security certificate.

5. Click "Finish" to finalize the certificate import.

A dialogue box will appear with the result of the certificate import.

What's Next?

We recommend that you Verify the Setup of your PAX Payment Terminal Device to ensure it's ready to begin processing payments in RepairQ.

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