How to: Register Bluefin PAX Payment Terminal Device in RepairQ

This article covers how to register your Bluefin PAX payment terminal device in RepairQ.

(For registering a Heartland PAX payment terminal device, click here.)

1. Navigate to your RepairQ Location Settings page.


2. Navigate to the Payment Device settings under the "Payments" drop-down.


3. On the Payment Terminal Devices page, click the "Add a Payment Device" button to add a new Payment Device, or click Edit on the device you'd like to adjust.


 4. Fill out the form for a new payment device, or make adjustments to an existing payment device.

  • Give the terminal a descriptive name. This is the name that will be used for selecting the device in the point of sale.
  • Choose the PAX as the device model.
  • Select the store location the device will be located in.
  • Enter the IP address of the device.


To retrieve the PAX Device IP address on a PAX S300:

  • Click the Menu button on the PAX terminal screen or press "FUNC" and "1" button at the same time
  • Enter your password (the default password is usually the current date or tomorrow's date in MMDDYYYY format)
  • Scroll down one page, and click on "2. Communication"
  • Enter your password
  • Scroll down one page and click on "3. LAN Parameters"
  • Click on "2. IP Address"

To retrieve the PAX Device IP address on a PAX D210:

  • Press the Menu button on your PAX. Screen_Shot_2018-12-17_at_12.54.40_PM.png
  • Enter your password and press the Enter key. (the default password is usually the current date or tomorrow's date in MMDDYYYY format)
  • Scroll down one page and press "3. Communication"
  • Enter your password again
  • Scroll down one page and press "3. WiFi Parameters"
  • Select your WiFi Network, if prompted
  • Press "3. IP Address"

Copy the IP address listed on screen into the "IP Address" field on the device settings form in RepairQ. When entering the IP address into RepairQ, remove any "left zero padding" from the IP octets. For example, if the IP address listed is "" you should enter "" into RepairQ.

  • Put 10009 in for the port, unless specified otherwise by RepairQ or Bluefin support.
  • Choose whether or not you wish to require an electronic signature for payments.

5. Save the form to create your payment terminal device. Repeat for any additional devices.

We highly recommend you change your PAX device to use "Static LAN Mode", because your network may assign a new IP address to your device every day/week/month/etc. Click here to find out how.


Next step: run a test transaction.

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