Integrated Payments Setup: Adding a Bluefin PAX Payment Terminal Device in RepairQ

After you have added Bluefin integration credentials and downloaded and installed your PAX security certificate, you can register your payment device to communicate with RepairQ.

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Adding Your Bluefin Payment Device

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview screen, click on the Payments category dropdown on the left column. From the list of options, click Payment Devices.



3. On the Payment Terminal page, click Add a Payment Device on the right side.



Note: To make adjustments to an existing payment device, click the Edit Button next to the device in the list.


4. On the Payment Terminal screen, begin filling out the fields for your device.

  • Name - Assign a name to identify your payment device. This will be used when assigning your device to a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT).
  • Payment Method- Select Credit Card (Bluefin).
  • Hardware - Choose the device model provided to you by Bluefin.
  • IP Address - Enter the IP Address assigned to this device. For assistance, check out this page.
    • When entering the IP address into RepairQ, remove any left-of-zero padding from the IP octets. For example, if the IP address listed is you should enter into RepairQ.
  • IP Port - 10009
  • Signature Source - Select whether to accept signatures for payments on your payment terminal or with Qpop Companion.
  • RequireSignature - Check this box if you would like to require an electronic signature for payments. 



5. Once you are satisfied with your updates, click Save. Repeat this process for any additional devices.



6. After saving your settings, the Bluefin payment device will show on the Payment Terminal screen. We recommend performing a test transaction to ensure the device is working properly before opening your VCT.


8. (Optional) After verifying that you are able to accept payments, we recommend changing your PAX device to use Static LAN Mode to ensure optimal connectivity. Check out Changing the LAN Type on a Bluefin PAX S300 to learn more.




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