Integrated Payments Setup: Performing a Test Transaction with a PAX Terminal Device

After adding your Bluefin/Heartland device to the Payment Terminal Device list, we recommend performing a test transaction to ensure the device is working properly and ready to begin processing payments in RepairQ.

Note: It is highly recommended that your computer be connected with an ethernet cable to your network. Wireless connections are not reliable for communicating with the PAX devices and could result in sudden connection failures.

For RepairQ to properly connect to your PAX device, the A80/A920/S300/D210 must be on the application home screen. You will see either the "PAX" logo or "Protected by Bluefin."

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Testing Your PAX Connectivity with RepairQ

1. Log into your location and navigate to Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, click on the Payments dropdown on the left column. From the list of options, click Payment Devices.



3. On the Payment Terminal screen, locate the device that you would like to test. Next to the device, under the Actions column, click the Test Transaction button (shaped like a credit card).



4. A Payment Terminal Device Test pop-up will appear in RepairQ. You should receive a notification that communication with the device was successful.

Upon a successful connection, we recommend running a test authorization. This will not charge the card used for the test, but it will place a temporary hold on the amount that you choose. Enter an amount ($1.00 is acceptable) and click the Test button.



Note: The authorization may show up on your card statement.


5. The test will begin, and your PAX device will prompt you to insert a card for the authorization.




6. Follow the prompts on the device. When the authorization is successful, you will receive a success notification from the PAX device and from RepairQ. Click Close to finish the test.




Note: If you configured the device to require a signature, then you will see it on the pop-up as well.


Connection Troubleshooting

Upon failure, you will instead see an error message describing the problem. Check out Integrated Payments: Troubleshooting Resources for more information.





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