Integrated Payments Setup: Performing a Test Transaction with a PAX Terminal Device

Verifying the Setup of a PAX Payment Terminal Device

This article covers how to verify the setup of your PAX payment terminal device to ensure it's ready to begin processing payments in RepairQ.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that your computer be connected with an ethernet cable to your network. Wireless connections are not reliable for communicating with the PAX devices and could result in sudden connection failures.

For RepairQ to properly connect to your PAX device, the S300/D210 Must be on the main screen. You will see either the "PAX" logo or "Protected by Bluefin." On the A80, the Bluefin App needs to be open and on the main screen for RepairQ to communicate with the terminal.


Testing the Connection

1. Navigate to the Payment Terminal Device list.

2. Click the "Test" button next to the device you wish to test


3. The first test run will be a connectivity test. Upon successful connection, you will see something like the following:

Upon failure, you will instead see an error message describing the problem. If you receive a connection error, try the following:

Connection Troubleshooting

If when trying to run a test transaction, you receive an error message:

Test Authorization

4. Upon a successful connection, next we recommend you run a test authorization transaction. This will not charge the card used for the test, but the authorization may show up on credit card statements. Enter the amount you wish to test an authorization for, and then click the "Test" button.

If the test is successful, you will see something like the above in your window. If you configured the device to require a signature, then you will see it on screen as well.

Authorization Error Troubleshooting

In the event that an error occurred, the error will be displayed on screen. See the following for a list of errors and how to resolve them:

a. "CARD DATA UNDREADABLE" - this could mean that your device is not configured properly for your merchant account. Please contact Bluefin support for help configuring your device.

b. "DECLINE: Token ID not found" - this could mean that your device is not configured properly for your merchant account. Double check that you have the right bluefin Account ID and API Key in your integration settings for the location you are testing. If those are correct, please contact Bluefin support for help configuring your device.

c. "Invalid Group" - this means that the Merchant Account ID setting on the location settings page is invalid. Double check that the account id matches the location, and make sure you have the right Account ID and API configured in the Bluefin settings.


Next step: process a payment on PAX or process a payment on SREDKey or M130.

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