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RepairQ offers integrated payment processing through Bluefin Payment Systems and Heartland Payment Systems. For information on why we chose Bluefin and Heartland as processing partners, please see the the links above.

RepairQ supports EMV and P2PE payment processing for secure and reliable payment processing.
See our list of Integrated Payment Devices

The following illustrates all of the steps to follow to setup RepairQ to enable integrated payment processing.

Getting Started


  1. Connect your Bluefin account to your RepairQ account:
    1. Navigate to Location Settings-->Account-->Integrations-->Bluefin
    2. Enter the Account ID, API Key, and Group ID. (Contact RepairQ Support if you did not get the email from them with this information)
    3. Save Bluefin Settings.
  2. Repeat this step for each location you wish to enable.


  1. To add Heartland to a single location, navigate to Location Settings-->Payments-->Payment Methods.
  2. To add Heartland to all locations on the database, navigate to Company Settings-->Payments-->Payment Methods.
  3. Click "Add Payment Method" and enter the name you wish to call it, such as "Credit Card (Heartland)", select Type: "Credit Card", Gateway: "Heartland", enter a Payments Account if applicable then Save.


When you have received your payment terminal device, follow these steps:

1) Bluefin only (for Heartland, skip to step 2): verify you have received your payment terminal device through the P2PE or POI Device Manager (provided to you by Bluefin).

You should have received an attachment in your device shipment with instructions on how to handle this. If you have any questions regarding this process, contact Bluefin Tech Support at 1-800-675-6573. If you have misplaced your attachment or did not receive it, click here to view it electronically or here.

2) Payment Terminal Device setup and testing: 

Install security certificate on all computers that will be processing payments using the device.

If you are using the IDTECH SREDKey or M130 device, simply plug the device into a USB port on the device where you will be processing payments.

3) Processing payments

If you are using the PAX device, see How to: Process a payment on the PAX Device

If you are using the IDTECH SREDKey or M130 device, see How to: Process a payment with the SREDKey or M130 Device

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