How to Install the PAX Device Security Certificate (Windows)

This article covers how to install security certificate from your PAX device onto your Windows machine.

This step needs to be performed on each computer that needs to communicate with any PAX payment terminal devices. 


Downloading the PAX Device Security Certificate

1. Click this link to download the certificate. The file will be named something like "".

2. Click the downloaded certificate to install. It may be found in the Downloads folder on your computer.

3. This will prompt the Certificate Import Wizard.

4. Click Install Certificate.
5. Choose Local Machine as the Store Location
6. Click yes to allow the app to make changes to the device
7. Choose “Place all certificates in the following store"
8. Choose “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” and click OK
9. Click Next
10. Click Finish
11. Click OK
12. Click OK
13. Browse to to verify that the browser is configured to trust the security certificate. Click on the green lock to view the security certificate.
14. Click Details to view the certificate.
15. Click “View Certificate"
16. Click Certification Path
17. Notice the two certificates. is the certificate authority file that you installed earlier.  * is the certificate that is installed on the PAX device, which is trusted because the certificate authority which signed the certificate is also trusted.

18. Test the certificate to verify it is installed and configured properly.

     A) Open a web browser and browse to
     B) You should not get any security warnings and there should be small green lock icon in the URL bar                next to the URL if it is configured properly.

19. Click OK.  Now you are ready to register the PAX terminal in RepairQ.
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