Accepting Payments with the IDTECH SREDKey or M130

This article illustrates how to process a payment using the PAX S300 device.

Assigning the device to a VCT (Virtual Cash Terminal)

You can set the payment terminal device when you assign a cash terminal. This will set the default credit card payment behavior as well as which terminal the VCT should communicate with to process payments. Choose the SREKey (USB Device) option.

Adding a payment

1) Create a Sale or Repair Ticket normally.

2) To quickly process a payment for the balance due, click the Swipe Card field to highlight it, and then swipe or enter the card number on the IDTECH SREDKey or M130

2a) OR you can click the Add transaction form.

Select the credit card payment method, then select the payment terminal option labeled SREDKey (USB Device), enter the amount you wish to charge, and click "Submit Payment."

3) When a successful card read occurs, you will see the payment added to the transactions section of the ticket with the "pending" status. The payment has not been processed at this time. If the ticket is not saved, the sale will not be captured.

Processing a Payment

When you save a ticket, any pending payments will be processed as sale transactions. It is only at this time that a sale is charged to the customer.

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