Integrated Payments Setup: Assigning Your IDTECH SREDKey to a VCT and Processing Payments

After you have added your Bluefin credentials in RepairQ, you can assign your VCT and accept payments from your SREDKey device.

Unlike the PAX devices, the SREDKey device is plug-and-play. There is no additional software or device setup in RepairQ required. However, this device does not have an auto-save feature. After swiping a customer's card, any pending payments will not be processed or saved until the ticket is saved in a new status by the user. Once this step has been performed, the sale will be charged to the customer.

Note: We recommend that if you are using an SREDKey device to accept payments, you will need to attach a customer to the ticket in order to save and process the pending transaction. If you create an anonymous sale ticket for the customer, you can only submit the ticket as Closed if the balance is paid in full.

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Assigning an SREDKey Device to the VCT

When opening your VCT, you will need to make sure that the option Accept Credit Card is selected. This will show a new field for Payment Device. From there, you can select your SREDKey device to accept card payments. For a full explanation of how to start your VCT, check out our article Starting a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) to Accept Payments.



Authorizing a Payment

1. Create a Sale or Repair Ticket normally and add an item or service to the ticket so there is a balance due.


2. In the Transactions section of the ticket, initiate the payment for the balance due by clicking in the Swipe card box on the right side of the page. Then, enter the card number or swipe the card on the SREDKey device.



2a. If you need to take a partial or split payment, you can request a specific amount by clicking AddTransaction on the left side of the page.



2b. On the Add a Transaction pop-up, select your Payment Type, based on which processing gateway you would like to use (Bluefin), then select the Terminal you wish to process the payment on (SREDKey). Next, enter the amount you wish to charge.



Note: You can select Pay in Full if you would like to process the total balance due from the customer.


2c. Click inside the Swipe Card box, and the prompt will change to Ready for Swipe. You can either swipe the card or manually type the card number details on the SRED keypad and press Enter.

The Swipe field will change to Ready to Submit. Now, click Submit Payment.



3. When a successful card read occurs, you will see a notification that the payment is currently pending, and you must save the ticket to process the payment. The transaction will appear in the appropriate section of the ticket in Pending status.

The payment has not been processed at this point. If the ticket is not saved, the sale will not be captured.



4. Save the ticket by clicking any of the available Ticket Status buttons at the bottom of the page. Once this has been done, RepairQ will generate a ticket number, and the transaction will be saved. Even if you accidentally close the window or navigate away after processing a payment, RepairQ has created a new ticket, which you can search for in your Ticket Queue.




Note: If you have taken a partial payment and do not see the option to save a ticket, you will either need to take payment for the remaining balance or attach a customer to the ticket in order to save and process the pending payment.


Processing a Payment

When you save the ticket, any pending payments will be processed as sale transactions. Once this step has been performed, the sale will be charged to the customer.



START 1.18.X

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