Appointments Overview

With RepairQ, you can reserve blocks of time for your customers to come in and spend time with an assigned user. You can also specify whether this appointment is meant for a repair ticket, a sales ticket, or a trade-in ticket. To find your Appointments List View page, use the Navigation Bar at the top of RepairQ to go to Opportunities -> Appointments.




Create and Manage Appointments

Appointments can be created from the Appointments page, found under the Opportunities menu on the navigation. Creation is quick and easy, and appointments that have already been set can be edited or cancelled just as easily.

Appointments record the customer’s request and device information, so when the customer checks in for their appointment, creating the ticket is a quick process. A new contact record can also be created during the process of booking an appointment for targeted marketing in the future.



Notifications and Appointments

Appointment notifications are configurable and can have customizable, automated notifications. Manage your notifications by navigating to Settings -> Communications -> Notifications, and look for the Appointment Confirmation notification to edit.



Set Available Times

Managing your appointments is highly customizable, and the appointment calendar honors your store hours, holidays, time slot durations, concurrent appointments allowed, and more.

Set your store hours by going to Settings -> Location Settings -> Account -> Location Info.



You can manage your holidays by navigating to Settings -> Account -> Holidays.



Customize Your Settings

For other settings specific to appointments, navigate to Settings -> Appointments.


Note: An Admin or Location Admin can change these settings at a store level by going to Location Settings instead.


Appointments, are broken into three settings pages: General Settings, Statuses, and Windows.



Additional Resources for Setting Up and Managing Appointments

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Additional Resources for Notifications and Holidays

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