How To: Build a Quote

This article will walk you through the process of creating a Quote. If you are interested in converting a Quote to a Ticket, see this article here.

1. Select Quotes under the Opportunities menu.



2. Select the type of quote you want to begin from the "Add" button.



3. Add a customer to the quote by searching for an existing customer or adding a new prospective customer.



4. Add information to the ticket and save any changes.



5. Your quote will now show on the Quote Management screen. You can use the "Option" button under "Actions" to either view, edit, or convert the quote into a ticket.



6. Additionally, you can use the Action buttons while viewing a quote to print or send it to the customer via email. The invoice will be noted as a quote.



If a quote doesn't get converted to a ticket, you can move it to Closed status at nearly any time.



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