Digital Walk-Thru Content - Help!

You may have noticed that the little blue "Help" icon isn't on the bottom left corner of the app anymore, as of RepairQ 1.15, and now you have this funky widget on the bottom right need to worry! We have been busy creating a better in-app support experience for both new and existing users, that will be improved every day with feedback from all of you.
If you need help with a certain topic, feature, idea, etc., just click the new "Help" widget and our support app will launch! Anything you search for will query our digital walk-thru content, Knowledge Base, and even our main website!
The digital walk-thrus will physically walk you through completing the task you's pretty awesome. 
You'll still be able to create a support ticket from the widget, so if you absolutely need to get in touch with us, that option is still there.
This new approach to support and training is meant to benefit each of you, so please use the surveys after each walk-thru to let us know what we could do better.
RepairQ Staff
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