Customer Referrals

The Customer Referral settings can be used to Add/Edit sources by which your customers are referred. Access them via Settings -> Customers -> Referral Source.



Referral sources can be word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, businesses, or advertisements. You can also choose which location(s) the referral source is active at.



Note: Priority determines the order of sources in the drop-down menu when collecting customer information. The lower number, beginning at zero, sets the source higher on the list.


If you are using the RepairQ ticket APIs, and are passing campaign identifiers through, they will appear in the "Referral Code" section. If you are not using ticket API's, this could be used for any referral-based documentation. This field will not pass through into standard RepairQ Reports, but it will be in Analytics.



RepairQ also offers detailed reporting by referral. Navigate to Reports -> Sales -> Summary by Referral / Details by Referral. You can filter your results by date, Ticket Status, Location, Item Types, or specific Catalog Items.







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