Wholesale Gadget Parts Integrated RMAs

As of version 1.15.8, RepairQ supports integrated RMAs through partnership with Wholesale Gadget Parts.

Once an item is marked as Pending RMA the next step is to send them to the supplier for approval. The "RMA Sent" inventory status signifies that a part has been sent back to the supplier, but the RMA has not yet been accepted (RMA Credit) or rejected (Damaged).


Use the RMA Tracking page to:

  1. Track Pending RMA items
  2. Group items into batches (or shipments) to send to the supplier, and advance the inventory items to "RMA Sent"
  3. Reconcile batches of sent RMA items as either Accepted (RMA Credit), Accepted (Replacement items received), or Rejected (Damaged). 

Tracking WGP RMAs in RepairQ

Hover over Inventory, then click on RMA Tracking.



Once on the RMA Tracking page, look through the Filters along the top of the results. By default, the RMA Tracking page will show all items currently in the RMA Sent status. Using the Supplier filter, choose Wholesale Gadget Parts, change status to Pending RMA, and then click Apply on the right side.



Applying this change should narrow the displayed items in RMA status down to those associated with Wholesale Gadget Parts.


Using the checkboxes beside each item, select which RMA items you would like to ship back together. You could also use the uppermost checkbox to select all RMAs on the page, as demonstrated below.


When the items you would like shipped back are selected, click on the Options button on the upper right of the listed items, and then Send Selected.


If you would like to batch all of your results without having to mark any devices, use the Options button on the upper right to Batch All.


On the displayed pop-up menu, fill in the RMA#, Shipper, and Tracking # if you already have the info. Then click "Create New RMA Batches."


Select the "Vendor Order #" of each part in the batch from the dropdown box. If RepairQ was not able to locate an integrated Purchase Order with that item on it, it will display "Unknown" for the "Vendor Order #" and you'll need to contact WGP about processing. Select the "RMA Reason", then click "Validate Batch" on the top right. This will reach out through the API to validate the RMAs on the batch.


If the batch is validated, you can then proceed to ship the batch. This will move the items to "RMA Sent".

Once the items are received and the batch is processed by WGP, updates are made in real-time back to your RMA Batch in RepairQ including acceptance and credit amounts for each individual item.

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