Catalog Items: Device Compatibility

With RepairQ 1.16, Catalog Compatibility allows you to associate a parent catalog item with compatible children catalog items. Compatibility can be set up to enforce specific services, parts, and item bundles for any parent item. This can decrease ticket time and errors through eliminating non-compatible items when attaching items to a ticket via your Item Grid.


1. Search for the device you want to attach compatible items in your Catalog. Click the "Options" button to bring up the Compatibility List. For this instance, we will be assigning compatibility for an iPhone 7 32GB Jet Black.




2. On the left side, there are tabs separating Services, Parts, and Other.



Search by general keywords or do an Advanced Search (the + button) to find compatible services, parts, etc. Check any or all compatible items, and "Link Select Items."




3. Remove items from the Compatibility List by clicking on the red X under Actions.




4. Use the "Restrict" toggle to enforce that results from an Item Grid drill-down will only show results based on your compatibility.


For Instance, there are many parts classified under an iPhone 7, however, you have selected "Restrict Parts" which will weed out all non-compatible results for the iPhone 7 32GB Jet Black.

Before Restrict is enabled:



After Restrict is enabled: (the White assembly is removed because it is not marked compatible with the device)



5. Now you have your full lineup of compatible parts and services to the iPhone 7 32GB Jet Black, so when you have that device in a repair ticket, only these items will be available!


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