Catalog Item Auto-Bundling

Auto-Bundling allows you to assign specific Parent/Child bundles for your tickets. This is especially useful if you offer a repair service that requires specific parts, allowing for faster ticket updates and accuracy.
1. Make sure the Item Types you want to Auto-Bundle are set to bundle as a Parent or Child. To do this, go to Company Settings -> Catalog -> Item Types, and edit the Type to include the option to Bundle. Note: The Item Type must be marked as a Labor/Service or Part to include bundling as a Parent Item.
2. Go to your Catalog and search for the item you want to set up as the Parent for the bundle. For this instance, we will set up a Service as the Parent. Click on the more options button under "Actions" and select "Compatibility."
3. Look up the part that you want to add as the Child for the bundle. You can do a keyword search or Advanced Search (the + button) to find the part(s) you would like to attach. You can even attach multiple items to the Parent item. For this instance, we attached two Child parts to a Parent. Make sure the item is set for "Auto-bundle part" and close the pop-up.
4. Add the Parent item to a ticket. You will notice that the Child items are now automatically bundled to the Service. You can delete any unnecessary items from a bundle by clicking the X next to the Child Item.
Using this feature along with Catalog Item Device Compatibility can customize your repair process and help make tickets move along more efficiently.


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