Dashboard Announcements

RepairQ's announcement feature allows Admins and Managers to communicate with their staff with banner announcements that appear at the top of the RepairQ Dashboard as well as send announcements to a user's email address. These alerts show up on the dashboard above the Ticket Progress queue.



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Creating a New Announcement

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings to create an announcement for all locations. If you would like to send an announcement to your current location only, go to Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, select the Communications dropdown from the left column of settings. From the list of options, click Announcements.



3. On the Announcements page, click Add Announcements.



4. Begin filling out the different fields for the announcement. You can customize which location(s)/user(s) can receive your announcements and schedule a delivery time for the message.


  • Location List - Select one or multiple locations to receive this announcement.
  • Role List - Select which user roles will see this announcement.
  • Content - Type your announcement in this section.
  • Is Global/Corporate Announcement - If this is selected, the announcement will be locked from editing/deleting by a user who does not have Admin privileges.
  • Send Date - Select a date and time to create/send the announcement. 
  • Expire Date - Select a date and time to stop the announcement.
  • Deliver Type - Select a delivery method for your announcement.
    • Dashboard - Deliver your announcement to the dashboard only.
    • Email - Deliver your announcement via email. It will send to the email address in their staff contact info in RepairQ.
    • Dashboard + Email - Deliver your announcement to both.


5. Once you are satisfied with your announcement, click Save to submit your changes.



6. Your announcement will show in the list. If you need to make changes or delete the announcements, there are options available under the Action column.



7. The announcement will show on the specified date/time for all locations and users, per the announcement settings.



Note: Any outgoing email announcements can be viewed in the Notification Log. You can view this list by navigating to Reports -> Notifications.




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