Dashboard Announcements

RepairQ allows Managers and Administrators to setup dashboard and email announcements for certain users to see when they login or check their email. These alerts show up on the dashboard above the "Ticket Progress" queue.



How to Create a New Announcement

  1. Navigate to "Location Settings" (or "Company Settings" to create a company wide notification) and click on "Announcements" under the Communications section.
  2. Click "Add Announcement."
  3. You will first need to decide which locations the Announcement will be going to and which user roles you would like to receive/see it. Then, figure out the start date and time and end date and time for your announcement, as well as whether you would like it emailed once or shown on the dashboard.
  4. Check mark the location(s) and user role(s) you want it shown to and format your message.


  5. Select the Send Date and Time, as well as the Expire Date and Time.
  6. Select the Delivery Type you would prefer and click "Save" to initiate the announcement.
  7. The Announcement will show on the specified dates/times for the specified users as shown.

Users on version 1.16.19 or higher have the ability to manage announcements at the Company level. You can edit and delete announcements across multiple locations from a single interface via the company Announcements Overview. You can access this by going to Company Settings -> Communications -> Announcements.


When you edit an existing Announcement, you can add or subtract which locations or roles can view the announcement.


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