Managing Customer Profiles

Editing Customers in RepairQ

Once you have added a customer to RepairQ, you may need to make changes to their contact and marketing information.

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1. Users can quick-search for a customer or use the Navigation Bar to go to Customers -> View Customers.



2. On the Customer Overview page, you can search for customers by keyword or filter by category. If your search yields a single match, you will be taken to their profile page. On the Customer Summary, you can click Edit on the right side to make changes.




You can also edit directly from the Customer List. Locate the customer and click on the Options button under Actions, and click Edit.




3. An Edit Customer pop-up will appear. There are additional categories on the left side of the window to guide you through the data fields. Add information at your discretion. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Save at the bottom of the window.



Note: There may be additional required fields when updating a customer if there have been changes to Customer Validation settings.



START 1.18.X

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