Qsite™ Ticket Status

Qsite Ticket Status is a RepairQ companion site that provides an easy way for your customers to check their ticket status, ticket notes, pending balance, and store contact information.

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How Can My Customers Use Qsite Ticket Status?

RepairQ users and customers can engage with your business through Qsite Ticket Status in a number of different ways:

URL Management

If your URL is "https://businessname.repairq.io" the Qsite Ticket Status page will be "https://businessname.repairq.io/t". Customers can navigate to this URL on their computer or mobile device, enter their Ticket Number and Last Name, and view available ticket details.




URL and QR Codes on Tickets

For your convenience, a direct link can be printed out on your receipts. You can print out the full link and/or a QR Code for users to scan with their smart device and navigate directly to the status page.




Send a Ticket Status Link via Automated Notifications

Managers can create an Automated Notification that can include a link to the Qsite Ticket Status page.



Qsite Ticket Status Page

The Qsite Ticket Status page shows a brief summary of the ticket, including the current status, any balance due, and the last time the ticket was updated.



Clicking the Notes tab on the left column will allow customers to see any notes on the ticket. Notes that are visible to customers must be marked as such on the ticket. For more information, see Ticket Notes.



The lower-left section of the status window includes your store details with links to call the store or view directions to your location. This information can be updated in your Location Information settings.





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