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A Catalog Item Grid is a visual user interface that navigates your Category Tree to select an item from your catalog. Your Item Tree and Grid work together to create a customer-friendly experience while selecting services through Qsite Opportunities, as well as customizable, easy-to-use navigation for your point-of-sale process. (See a video demo of Item Grids in action here.)

1. Navigate to Company Settings -> Catalog -> Item Grids.



2. Select the category you want to work with, or click on the Add (+) button (on the top right section of the page) to create a new category.


You can also click the edit icon on the bottom right of each category to update, customize, or remove the existing category.


Selecting an image for a category adds to the visual experience of navigating through your Item Grid. You can drag and drop custom images into the outlined area, or choose an icon from the Image Library found under the "Category Images" section of Settings. There, you can manage pre-loaded images and the images you have added.



3. Once you are at a category that you want to add catalog items to, click the Add (+) button, and select "Catalog Item."


Search for the item(s) you want to add, check the box next to the catalog items you would like to link to a subcategory, and click "Link Select Items."



4. Now your catalog items have been assigned. You can see your place in the category tree as well as the catalog items attached to that levelScreen_Shot_2019-04-17_at_7.32.07_PM.png


5. You can also add items to a category from a Catalog Item List. Go to your catalog and search for the item(s) you would like to assign to a category. Check the box(es) next to the item(s) you would like to assign, then click the "Checked Items" button on the top right of the screen. This will bring more options, including "Assign Category."





6. Use the Item Grid to work down to the subcategory you want to attach the Catalog Items to, and click "Assign." If you need to step back to a higher category, click a category on the path to navigate back up.




7. If there are any items you want to remove from a category, Grid View allows you to select multiple items from the "Catalog Items" section and then "Remove from Category."



8. Once you have added Catalog Items to your Item Grid, select which tree/grid will apply to the Ticket Type. Go to Company Settings -> Tickets -> General Settings.



9. These settings will configure the behavior for the "Lookup Item to Add" section of your ticket. Toggle whether you prefer adding a ticket item by Advanced Search or selecting a ticket item via the Item Grid. Then select which Parent Category the Item Grid will pull information. For instance, for Repair Tickets, we have toggled ON the option to select items from the Item Grid, pulling information from the "Repair Devices" tree that was created. The "Grid Item Name" allows you to customize your grid by selecting the name(s) that will appear on your items. You can select any/all of the following fields: Name, Short Name, and SKU.


You can preview the Decision Tree to make sure you have the correct tree assigned. Be sure to save your changes at the top right of the settings screen.





10. Now, when you are in a Repair Ticket and select "Lookup Device to Add," the Item Grid appears, and you can select which device you want to add to the repair.


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