Revv/Rallio Integration Settings

What is Revv?

Revv engages customers with a simple survey automatically deployed from your RepairQ® system after each transaction. It directs happy customers to provide a public review on local review sites and encourages unsatisfied customers to share their concerns directly with you privately. The integration looks for either a phone number or an email address to contact the customer, rather than requiring both.
To enable the integration, follow these steps as an admin:

  1. Hover over Settings, and click Company Settings. Then navigate to Integrations > Rallio, and fill in the "Auth Token", which will be provided to you by the Revv team. Then click "Save REVV Settings". This stores the auth token in the company database.


  2. Hover over Settings, and click Location Settings from within each location that will be participating. Navigate to Integrations > Rallio, and fill in the Rallio Location ID for that specific location. Select any of the other options if they would like to only send certain ticket types, certain resolutions, or tickets from only certain service authorizers/programs. Leave the boxes all empty if all tickets will go to Rallio. Check the box to "Enable REVV for this location", and click "Save REVV settings".


  3. Repeat step 2 for each participating location, switching locations to each one along the way.

  4. In order for Rallio to reach out to a customer on behalf of you, there must be an "SMS Phone" number entered for the customer at the time the ticket is closed.
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