RepairQ Support Login Settings

With Release 1.17.10, we added new in-app controls to track and manage RepairQ Support Team login access to your database. These in-app controls can be found by an Admin user under Company Settings-->Miscellaneous-->Miscellaneous.

They are unchecked by default and at least one of them will need to be enabled by your company's Admin user in order for RepairQ Support to be able to log into your database to investigate issues and work on support tickets. These can be checked and unchecked by an Admin at any time, but for faster Support, it is best to leave them checked.

When enabled, the System Log will show which RepairQ Support Team member logged in and at what date/time. It will also show what changes they made in your database, if any.

This is what the settings look like in the app and there is an explanation of each one under the name:


The first option allows a trusted Support Team member to log in as an Admin for the database. The second option allows a trusted Support Team member to log in as the specific user that is requesting help. Logging in as the user is valuable in troubleshooting issues related to a user's role or something that only a specific user is experiencing.

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